So, what is the Carbon Landscape Traineeship…….
The Carbon Landscape Traineeship is one of the twenty-two projects within the Carbon Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The Carbon Landscape Partnership Scheme is a partnership between Lancashire, Manchester & N Merseyside Wildlife Trust; Natural England, Environment Agency, City of Trees, Mersey Rivers Trust, Manchester University, Greater Manchester Ecological Unit, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, Woolston Eyes Conservation Group, Warrington Council, Salford Council, Wigan Council and Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Working with the Great Manchester Wetlands NIA they secured a Heritage Lottery Fund with the aim of providing a step change in the restoration of the landscape. Over the next five years the partnership aim to increase the appreciation and use of the landscape by local people and visitors within Wigan, Warrington and Salford.

To carry out all their ideas, they split the scheme into twenty-two projects, one of which is the Carbon Landscape Trainees. The objective is to provide a placement opportunity for local people who wish to have a career in environmental conservation.

Each placement will have the opportunity to have hands on experience learning traditional heritage and conservation management skills whilst earning a wage. The aim over the next three years is to have three trainees for a nine-month placement and these guys are our first years.

I hope that this blog will give them the opportunity to showcase the skills, training and experiences they have during their time. They will be uploading a new blog post on the first of every month, describing what they have been up to the previous month. I hope that you will enjoy seeing what they are up to and if you are interested in applying for the traineeship next year, it will give you a good insight to what is involved.