The End (of my traineeship) Is Neigh (in two weeks)

Well, this is the last blog post from me. In two weeks I will be leaving the carbon Landscape Project and Lancashire Wildlife Trust to relocate to Scotland. I have yet to find a new job so I will be the first trainee to leave into unemployment but this has been through design. I have a young family and will be taking some time away from work to help them settle into their new lives.

The Carbon Landscape Project has been a great opportunity for me and I have learnt a lot from it I know what aspects of my career path I wish to pursue and what areas I wish to avoid.

I have found myself working on a variety of sites with a range of people and through it all, I have had excellent support from the team. The volunteers I have worked with showed enthusiasm and dedication in the worst of weather and the dirtiest of jobs a gave their best in developing some excellent habitats. I have particularly enjoyed the Volunteer coordination aspect of the role and would have happily worked full time with volunteers out on sites.

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I have gained new skills from event management through to mindfulness and wellbeing and have enjoyed being given the space to learn through both successes and failures in a safe kind work environment.

I still have my favourites but of them, Pestfurlong Moss has stood out to me. I have worked on the site originally as a volunteer completing ground condition assessments; then as a contractor installing capital work that rapidly transformed the site; and finally as a trainee. As a trainee I have informed future work and taken an active part in the phase two planning, I have delivered numerous work parties and helped transform the site far beyond what anyone expected our little tweaks to do, I have identified new methods and overcome hurdles in our processes and I have used our results to help identify potential problems and areas for future success. so I will be keeping a close watch on how those works progress.

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It has been a wonderful experience and I hope that my future career is enjoyable as this traineeship has been. Another big thank you to everyone who supported me.

“So long and thanks for all the fish”


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