So Long

This is my final entry on the Carbon Landscape Trainee blog, it has been an enjoyable and enriching year. This means that the next few weeks will involve handing over projects to other Carbon Landscape staff to take up.



A snapshot of the last few weeks:


The funding bid for the Carbon Landscape cycling trail was submitted a few weeks ago and we are now awaiting the outcome of the decision. Survey Monkey was used to carry out public consultation with people from Wigan , Warrington and Salford. The surveys have been a hug success, in total we have received well over 250 responses. I am hopeful that we are successful with our application!

City Mayor of Salford visits New Moss Wood

I was fortunate to be at New Moss Wood in early February along with Paul and Jenny and got to show Paul Dennett (City Mayor of Salford) and Will from Salford City Council.  They were both amazed and encouraged with the progress and transformation of the site and the dedication of volunteers that are helping to transform Salford’s mosslands.

It was great to see the fantastic turnout of volunteers most of who are part of the Friends of Chat Moss group.  Despite the abysmal weather they soldiered on in constructing a wind break dam structure out of cleared brash. If you are interested in learning more about what is happening on the mosslands in Salford head over to the Chat Moss Project Facebook page .

Little Woolden Moss
Looking out at the view and noticing the positive change that has transformed Little Woolden Moss.

Project Management in Wildlife Conservation

Me and Jade have been busy partaking in an online course  on project management, an essential skill in any career, but this course particularly focuses on project management in Wildlife Conservation. Being an online course me and Jade have been able to virtually meet and interact with other people all over the world. We have course material we have to study for every session in advance and tasks and worksheets that have to be completed. After the 6 weeks an exam is undertaken. Wild Team the organisation that delivers the course also offers other courses.

Beat Stress Project

The first session of the project took place earlier this week with a mindfulness walk in local woodland with the Year 4 group. The pupils used their senses to explore their surroundings, took notice of where they were and their breathing and throughly enjoyed getting out in the outdoors. The purpose of the visit was to get the pupils to experience what it would be like to be led on a mindfulness woodland walk to give them inspiration for when it comes to the pupils taking part in creative writing sessions to put together their ideas for the mindfulness woodland walk audio piece.

The woodland where we did our mindfulness walk. Despite it not quite being spring yet there was plenty to notice such as the bird song, Snowdrops, closed buds.
Tree Cookies
An exercise we did with the pupils involved giving everyone a slice of wood, cut the same size from the same branch. The piece of wood was then studied taking notice of features like fissures, subtle marks, rings. After which all the pieces were collected and then individuals had to identify which was there piece. A simple exercise that got individuals to take notice and focus on the present, both of which are key aspects in mindfulness.





~ Hanifah


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