Long Nights, Cold Days, Short Month

Jade – March Blog Post:

My Love of Winter

For me, February has come and gone so quickly that I am struggling to even come to terms with the fact that Spring is just round the corner, wow! I am already seeing signs of early spring everywhere! Snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses, celandines and bluebells. The sound of birdsong and the emergence of buds on trees. Enevitible signs that spring approaches and the cold, bitter mornings are soon to be gone once again.

This month, a large portion has been spent on annual leave for myself. Born in February, I have grown up celebrating my birthday in the cold. February is a time of excitement for myself! And winter holds a special place in my heart because of it. This year, I spent my birthday walking around Windermere, visiting Cartmel and relaxing by a roaring fire with my family. And, when I returned I was more than ready to get back into the routine of the Carbon Landscape Office and continue progressing forward with the numerous projects that I am currently working on along side the other trainees and members of the programme team.

Feb 6

Project Management Course 

February has seen me take part in a 6 week online Project Management in Wildlife Conservation Course with WildTeam. The work I have been undertaking has given me a completely different perspective of project management. It has allowed me to pull apart the very framework of a project and apply several key principles I have now learned. For instance, I have learned how to maintain high standards of effectiveness and ethics, define roles to clarify team structure and decision making, carry out phases to manage a project from start to finish, set up control processes and administrative processes! The course has allowed myself to take part in weekly live sessions with other people from across the globe within the sector. I have loved hearing peoples stories, experiences and knowledge throughout the course. If anyone wants to learn new skills in project work for conservation, I highly recommend WildTeam!

SEED University Manchester

Earlier this month I went to Manchester University to take part in the SEED Volunteering Fair. Myself, and Andy from the Chat Moss Project had our own stall and spoke to numerous wonderful students interested in not only volunteering for The Carbon Laandscape Programme, but The Lancashire Wildlife Trust as a whole! We spoke about our restoration works, volunteering opportunities, events, AQA training and placement positions. It was great to see so many interested in their local environment.

There was some other wonderful, wonderful stalls on offer that stood for such incredible causes, offering their own volunteering oppertunities. Here, there was a host of possible routes that the students could take, depending on the experience they were needing to gain.

Such as:

#KayaVolunteering #PNFS #FareShareGtrM #SovereignHseGH Doctors Worldwide thepankhurst #mancwomensaid #outreach #manchestercitymission #boothcentre #widowsempowerment #thecarbonlandscapepartnership #nationallotteryheritagefund #greatmanchesterwetlands

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Red Moss Water Quality 

Continuing on from the water quality monitoring done in October for the White Faced Darter Feasibility Assessments, myself along with Andy, managed to undertake the second part of the water quality monitoring work for the White Faced Darter feasibility assessments up at Red Moss, Bolton. It was a rather drizzly day but interesting data was collected! This monitoring was done on the 26th February, just after the heavy rainfull we have recently been subjected to. The recent rainfall has had a noticeable effect on the pH of the site overall. Curious to see the difference come spring when we do the next monitoring in May/June!

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Round View Facilitating

Last week I had the opportunity alongside other members of the programme team at Carbon Landscape and a few external individuals, to learn more about the delivery processes of RoundView. We all enjoyed a training session and got to find out more into how this project is delivered to a variety of audiances i.e. children, young people, univeristy students and even organisations, and how useful it can be as a resource for teaching.

Feb 5

Anything else? 

The Dragonfly Festival for 2020 continues to progress as does Landscape Adventurers, the leaflet design has been drafted, and other than a handful of edits it is looking brilliant! I am aiming to create a number of online resources for Landscape Adventurers, which will be activities to be completed and enjoyed by children (and adults!), depending on the season they find themselves – whether it be in your back garden or at one of our sites, you’ll be able to enjoy them! A lot is due to begin in the development of the New Moss Wood Trails as we enter into Phase 2 of the project. So, lots happening! You will be updated!

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