Woah, we’re half way there…

Somehow I’m already 6 months into my traineeship! My, my, my, how the time goes by…

The start of the week involved slowly awaking from a winter slumber and getting back up to speed in the office. The first chance to get outside was to help with our final litter pick in Little Hulton. Despite the chill we had more locals participating than the previous litter pick, my strangest find this time was a bathroom tap!

Later in the month I helped the artist Susan Whittle install ‘litter faces’ that she and Hanifah had helped the locals kids create. The trees outside Little Hulton Library are a bit brighter now!

One of the main projects that I’ve spent my office time on this month is the wildlife ID game. Working with Jade, we’ve found an illustrator and designer that understand our ideas, and we’ll be able to link our projects. The first designs are looking great!

For this game I will be working with a primary school, so this month I went to meet a senior teacher at the school to discuss what kind of workshops would work for their pupils. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a project with school, so have been learning from the experience of Bernie (Access + Events Officer). Standing in front of groups of small children is out of my comfort zone, but it seems like a very friendly place, and the small class sizes will help. Now to put a couple of fun days together…


We have a new placement (Lorna) in the office a couple of days a week, so when we conducted out monthly Mersey Rivers Trust water quality survey, we took her along to teach her what we do and why. I spotted this unusual Stonefish!

I’ve also been spending more time researching orchards as I develop my management plan for the community orchard at Bickershaw Country Park. I never expected to get so excited over different mowing patterns…

This month I also joined Tony (Restoration Officer) at Manchester Metropolitan University for a ‘Meet the Employer’ event for their natural sciences students. I had a bit of a scare when all the students headed into the event area en masse! In the end I had an intense, but great, hour or so talking to the students about how to get into conservation as well as the volunteering and placement opportunities with the Carbon Landscape. We were also provided with a lovely cake spread 🙂

I completed the classroom portion of the Woodland AQA, along with other trainees and placements, under the guidance of Ste. We’ve got some AQA practical sessions coming up, check out http://www.facebook.com/carbonlandscape/events


I finished the month getting some laser levelling training. This was a brand new experience for me, Stu, and Andy joined me as Ste and Tony passed on their knowledge. Information gained from laser levelling is really useful when planning wetland works as it show us the high and low points across the site.

– Jamie


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