Mike L

Mike L

I applied for the traineeship as I had been volunteering with both the Lancashire Wildlife trust and RSPB for 3 years and wanted to make the next step in a career in Conservation and felt that the traineeship would help me to gain valuable experience.

After 20 years in retail management I decided I wanted a new challenge and decided to work towards a career in Conservation so I began volunteering which led to an internship with the RSPB whilst studying towards for a BSC Honours in Wildlife conservation at Liverpool John Moores University.

During my traineeship I gained a lot of new skills and knowledge and was able to tailor my experience to fill gaps in my C.V. It was great to work alongside the Project officers helping them to deliver their part of the Carbon landscape. I was also able to meet a lot of amazing people who shared my passion for wildlife. The skills I learnt varied from practical experience and leading groups to survey skills and working with the local community.

The traineeship was a great experience, the work you do is very diverse and you gain valuable skills and knowledge for your future career.

I am now working for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust as their Chat Moss Project Officer and I am having a great time!

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