Photography, mainly wildlife like dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, birds etc anything that flies seemingly, although I will shoot anything that I think is interesting. I also enjoy travelling I have been fortunate enough to work abroad in Thailand and so have had the opportunity to visit a lot of the countries around south east Asia. The next trip I have planned is Guatemala so I am really looking forward to that, hopefully see some spider and howler monkeys maybe even a hummingbird or two and you never know a resplendent Quetzalcoatl maybe sighted.

My weekends normally involve a walk somewhere, I have recently completed the last of the largest peaks in the peak district so now its time to branch out a bit and see what other walks there are to do, perhaps doing sections of the sandstone trail will be the next thing. eme

I have had a varied work history which started in bar work and retail and progressed to a number of different office based jobs the main bulk of which were with the home office. I did however spend a year teaching abroad in Thailand which was great fun.

If my memory serves me well I think that I started volunteering in 2013 with the Cheshire wildlife trust on the white faced darter reintroduction. Since then I have volunteered with a number of different organisations including; Manchester city of trees, TCV, BTO and Lancashire wildlife trust. As well as spending 8 months volunteering abroad at various wildlife sanctuaries in Spain, Thailand and Laos.

I am currently studying Conservation and Recreation Management part time at Reaseheath College in Nantwich, I will be going into my final year this September.

My aspirations are relatively flexible, maybe a reserves assistant to start with or a biodiversity officer. First things first is to gain experience in core areas such as practical habitat management, various certificates, managing livestock, working with community group, leading volunteers and leading events.

So that’s a bit about me, hopefully come February I will have a full time paid position within a conservation environment.

If anyone out there is considering applying for the next trainee-ships I would say to make sure that you have been volunteering consistently and can demonstrate commitment, passion and ability to be flexible to a varying workload. Get involved with a freinds of group or the local community in some way and get to know the people who you may potentially be working with. Always be open to putting yourself in at the deep end, even if it isn’t something that you wouldn’t normally be into.

I am now working for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust as Assistant Peatlands Project Officer. This role is going to be loads of fun 🙂




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