Meet the Carbon Landscape Trainees

Hello everyone and welcome to the Carbon Landscape Trainee Blog.
My name is Becky and I’m the placement coordinator. I just wanted to get a quick post up on the blog to explain a little about the Carbon Landscape Traineeship and introduce you to the trainees before they take over.
So, what is the Carbon Landscape Traineeship…….
The Carbon Landscape Traineeship is one of the twenty-two projects within the Carbon Landscape Partnership Scheme. The Carbon Landscape Partnership Scheme is a partnership between Lancashire, Manchester & N Merseyside Wildlife Trust; Natural England, Environment Agency, City of Trees, Mersey Rivers Trust, Manchester University, Greater Manchester Ecological Unit, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, Woolston Eyes Conservation Group, Warrington Council, Salford Council and Wigan Council. Working with the Great Manchester Wetlands NIA they secured a Heritage Lottery Fund with the aim of providing a step change in the restoration of the landscape. Over the next five years the partnership aim to increase the appreciation and use of the landscape by local people and visitors within Wigan, Warrington and Salford. To carry out all their ideas, they split the scheme into twenty-two projects, one of which is the Carbon Landscape Trainees. The objective is to provide a placement opportunity for local people who wish to have a career in environmental conservation. Each placement will have the opportunity to have hands on experience learning traditional heritage and conservation management skills whilst earning a wage. The aim over the next three years is to have three trainees for a nine-month placement and these guys are our first years. I hope that this blog will give them the opportunity to showcase the skills, training and experiences they have during their time. They will be uploading a new blog post on the first of every month, describing what they have been up to the previous month. I hope that you will enjoy seeing what they are up to and if you are interested in applying for the traineeship next year, it will give you a good insight to what is involved.
And with no further ado, here is our first year of trainee placements………
I have asked the guys to write up a little bit about themselves in the hope this helps you readers to understand a little more about them.



Mike C

Hello, Well welcome to the Carbon Landscape Trainee Blog! I am Mike one of three trainees with the Carbon Landscape project and I hope that the blog is an interesting read and useful to those on a similar path / navigating the development of their career within conservation or anyone with an interest in the Carbon Landscape Project.
As I write, it is currently early in week 3 and the last few weeks have been a white-knuckle mix of practical tasks, orientation and getting to know the project, partners and colleagues alike. We’ve visited several inspiring projects: Woolston Eyes, Little Wolden Moss and Wigan Flashes, and have loved getting to know the people and the work of The University of Manchester’s Round view, City of Trees and the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit- all lovely people with really exciting projects, I look forward to working with everyone over the next 9 months!
I hope to use this blog to share my learning journey so perhaps at this point I should set out my starting point… here goes…
Having worked for many years with communities, 2 years ago I took the plunge and set a course for a career within conservation, with no fixed plan just a lifelong desire to work in the landscape and to champion our wildlife, green spaces and the benefits that they afford. In that time, I have volunteered across a wide variety of contexts and have been rewarded with some wonderful learning and social experiences that have helped me to begin to identify my interests. I have begun a FdSc in Ecology & Conservation Management at Myerscough College, Preston which sits really well alongside the traineeship: the combined theory and practice offering a well-rounded learning experience!
I am delighted to have been accepted onto the traineeship and if the first few weeks are anything to go by I’m sure it’s an experience that will be of enormous benefit, its already a privilege to have the chance to be part of a Landscape scale project that will champion the wildlife, people and heritage of the Wigan, Warrington and Salford area.
So, in a nutshell that’s where I’m at; I look forward to updating you with how the project develops and sharing the journey…


Kate C

Hi, my name’s Katie and I’m really happy to be embarking on this trainee journey through the very first stages of The Carbon Landscape partnership. It’s such an exciting project and great to be there right at the start. Hopefully this blog will be an informative insight into what we get up to, things we see, places we go, events we plan. I’m excited to share it all with you!
I come to the Carbon Landscape with a background of a passion for nature and all things wild, a love of the outdoors and our wonderful and diverse wildlife. From as long as I remember, I have been enthralled by nature, being in it, amongst it. I remember as a child catching insects, collecting chrysalis and seeing the transformation into butterflies, watching foxes, sitting by badger setts for hours. I set up my very first wildlife club, aged 7, and with members totalling 3 I consider this a great achievement for a mere whipper snapper.
As far as how I got into this fantastic traineeship, I spent over a year volunteering with the Chat Moss Project as part of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This proved an invaluable experience for me, because as well as meeting lots of like-minded people, I learnt so much about the fascinating natural environments of the Greater Manchester Mosslands, wild places I never knew existed that were on my doorstep all the time! I’d encourage anyone to explore them, if you haven’t already.
As well as all this, I learnt practical skills, and developed a project trying to restore the habitat of willow tits, which was fantastic as I got to work with some amazing volunteers and experience first-hand the enthusiasm people have for their local wildlife, as well as being lucky enough to spot a couple of the rare little birds.
Anyway, keep checking back for updates, there is sure to be many as our calendar is quickly filling up! Really looking forward to the next nine months!



Mike L

Hello everyone, my names Mike and I’m one of the trainees within the Carbon Landscape Project.
I have always had an affinity with nature especially Birds and enjoy nothing more than being immersed in the countryside and all its different habitats and species.
I applied for the Carbon Landscape trainee’s role as I felt it would be a great opportunity to put in to practice what I was learning in my Wildlife Conservation degree and give me experience in a conservation role ready for my future career.
In 3 years’ time I would like to be working as a Warden on a nature reserve and believe the carbon Landscape traineeship is a great start to achieving this goal.
By being a Carbon landscape trainee it will allow me to gain more experience in practical conservation especially in Wetland, Woodland and Grassland habitats and what is best to protect the species that live there in the long term.
I also wish to gain more experience in organizing events and community engagement such as Bio blitz as well as more family based events like pond dipping and working with different friends’ groups to help them achieve their goals.
Also by being involved in the Citizen Science project I can gain more knowledge in surveying and species ID especially Dragonfly, Small mammals and fauna.
So far in my role I have been touring all the different sites and projects involved in the Carbon Landscape project identifying the aims and how they all connect to each other and how we can involve the local community as well as showcasing these wonderful sites on their doorsteps.
I have also been involved in planning and implementing the Fen cuts on Wigan Flashes improving the area for key species such as Bittern and wintering wildfowl and finding the needs of local friends groups.
I’m looking forward to continuing this placement and being able to show likeminded people what we are up too.


Well, now you know a little about the trainees I hope you enjoy reading their blogs in future. The first one being Friday 1st September.
Thanks for reading 




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